Through the Eyes of the Horse with Carlos Tabernaberri:
World Class Horsemanship Clinic


All inclusive 6 Day Clinic: Immerse yourself in the philosophy and practice of Carlos Tabernaberri
February 10-17, 2019      ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT
Six days of clinics and trail riding, 7 nights all-inclusive lodging
To book call 1-520-394-2525 or

All inclusive 6 Day Clinic: Total Price $2700 per person (including clinic, trail riding, ranch activities, lodging, all meals, tax & gratuity) 25% deposit due on booking.  Inclusive for a standard room, single or double occupancy. Upgrades to cottages or suites are available for an extra charge.

Experience a horsemanship clinic that will change your life and that of your horses. Carlos has a refreshingly kind and effective way with horses and people, and spending time with him is a transforming experience. Carlos is referred to as the kindest horse trainer in the world, and his practice follows what he teaches. Carlos will once again conduct his clinics at our beautiful facilities in Southern Arizona. The number of riding participants in each session will be limited to 12 to ensure maximum benefit for all. This week at the ranch will be exclusively for clinic guests and we will split the clinics between morning and afternoon. There is also time during the non clinic hours to visit with Carlos and ask him questions that may arise for you.

A clinic with Carlos covers topics such as horse psychology; body language; trust and unity; partnership; developing awareness, feel, balance and self-carriage; bit-less riding and much more. Clinic participants are also invited to put forward their own areas of interest or concern, such as trailer loading, bucking, rearing, handling feet or fear of riding that will be addressed in the clinic context.

Details of Clinic

Full 6 Day Clinic: This clinic will take place at our new covered arena. You will be paired up with one of our outstanding horses (we have over 100 to choose from), plus we include all tack. You are welcome to bring your own tack if you prefer. This clinic will run for six days, with 15 hours of clinic time during the week and over 15 hours of trail riding. You will get the best of both worlds at the ranch with inspiring clinic time and phenomenal trail riding. During the week we will also offer a cook out ride, bon-fire with entertainment, and astronomy night.


About Carlos

Australian-based trainer Carlos Tabernaberri is known worldwide for the remarkable results he achieves, whether handling foals, starting young horses, improving the performance of competition and pleasure horses, or rehabilitating abused horses. Carlos has been described as the ‘next generation of horsemen’ and the ‘gentlest horseman yet to touch a horse’. He’s also been described as the ‘only horseman who truly puts the horse first’.

As Carlos grew up in Argentina, he watched the “traditional” way of “breaking in” horses, as it is called. Saddened by this approach, he decided he wanted to follow the horse, his master teacher. He became passionate about schooling horses by establishing a sound foundation through understanding and trust, not force. He learned from the horses themselves and, in return, made a moral contract with them to be their tireless advocate and to share this knowledge.

Carlos puts his heart and soul into sharing “what the horse wants us to know”. The results, through the horses, speak for themselves. Perhaps that success is because Carlos sees a bit of himself in every horse he works with and he knows how to help them (and their handlers) move beyond past hurts to achieve their full potential.

“As a trainer and educator, my focus is on the horses and people with whom I work and on helping them to achieve their full potential”, says Carlos. “We shouldn’t be divided by discipline; we should be united by good horsemanship. Regardless of what we call it – natural, Western, English – good horsemanship is about consistently considering the horse’s well-being first and foremost.”

To that end, Carlos often tells people, “Having success with horses doesn’t depend on how long you’ve been around them. Horses don’t read résumés. However, while books and DVDs can give you knowledge, experience comes only by working with the horse. They are the real teachers of that. To have success, you need to look for approaches to working with your horse that make sense to both of you. Do not simply follow tradition or what someone else has told you is best. You will know what works for both you and your horse.”

Carlos puts his words into action not only with the horses and people he works with privately, but also through the numerous equine charities to which he donates his time, skill and financial support in an effort to improve the plight of horses. In July 2012, that work was recognized when Quest Equine Welfare awarded Carlos their prestigious annual Equitarian Award for his passionate advocacy on behalf of the horse.

“If you want unity with your horse, learn to ride and handle him the way he wants to be ridden and handled.” Carlos

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