Introduction to our horseback riding program:

Riding on an endless variety of trails on outstanding horses is the main focus at the Circle Z Ranch. With seven expert wranglers, we take pride in being able to cater to our guests’ individual needs. We can ride in all directions from the ranch on hundreds of miles of trails through private, state, and federal lands. Each ride lets you explore different landscapes – through colorful rock canyons, dramatic mountains, rolling range land, or along the refreshing and ever-flowing Sonoita Creek. With over 100 horses to choose from, our corral manager is an expert at fitting the perfect horse for your needs and abilities. Whether you are a child who has never ridden, or an accomplished equestrian, we have the right horse for you. And you keep this horse throughout your stay.

We offer a variety of rides. Your first ride will be a walking ride, so you can adjust to your horse. From there, our riding program for the week will be created based on the desires and abilities of our guests. On a typical week, we offer a cookout ride on Wednesday, a chuck wagon ride on Saturdays, and another day of either  a valley ride, or an all day adventure. The other days are a 2-3 hour morning ride, and a 2 hour afternoon ride with lunch at the main ranch. Our horses take Sundays off, so no riding that day. To experience our variety in the riding program, a Sunday to Sunday vacation stay is ideal. We also offer a Sunday to Thursday Ranch sampler if a shorter stay is desired.

Our riding program is exclusively for the guests staying with us in our all-inclusive vacation packages. We do not offer hourly or day rides to folks not staying at the ranch.

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Circle Z Riding Program Details & Images: